hi (:Archivemy favorite blogs (:

Anonymous asked - "You are pretty. Have a nice night!"

this is so random but okay. 

you are one interesting anon haha (:

Anonymous asked - "Hello :)"

hi anon (:

Anonymous asked - "u have asked it before and no u don't know me. :("

oh :/

well, why not introduce yourself then? haha (:

Anonymous asked - "hehe i read it. good to know ur doing well. :)"

wow and i thought u didnt lol. 


i dont know if i already asked this before—

i probably have but

do i know you? haha (: jw

Anonymous asked - "ur favorite anon here. how are u?"

lol this was unexpected.

and im doing fine. (:

i would ask how you’re feeling but

idk if you’ll even read this lol

Anonymous asked - "there is a girl called moustachito who wants to kill herself, please lets help her!!!!!!!!! lets save her life please tell everybody"

if this is a joke; shame on you.

if not, im sry i didnt reply sooner. 

idk how i can help so ill just spread the word.

Anonymous asked - "have you ever noticed that all your tags are either confession, lol or bored??"

yes and there’s a reason for that.

i also tag #fuck when im pissed

Anonymous asked - "I want some good photography blogs, thanks :)"

If you go to my anon/advice page, scroll down and you’ll find a list or photography blogs.

Here’s a list of new ones I like:


There’s more on the list jsyk lol

Anonymous asked - "What are some good blogs? I need to follow some people :)"

What kind of blogs? Be more specific haha like writing or photography?

Anonymous asked - "wit your friends"

Do you like any of my friends or sth? Lol jks

Anonymous asked - "you should post more pictures (:"

Will do in the future haha (: just you wait.

Anonymous asked - "im hurting so much"

I don’t know what kind of pain you’re going through, but you should seek for help or at least talk it out with someone. If not, Im also here. I just wished you were off anon though.

Anonymous asked - "its official u said read the tags but theirs no tags"

The day it was posted, it would show on your dashboard, just not on my blog. Lol
Why do you wanna know anyways?

Anonymous asked - "i hate my life, more than you could ever imagine"

I do too, sometimes. I think we all do. I might not know how much you’re going through or what kind of obstacles you’re facing with but I hope you stay strong from all of it.

I’m always here if you need someome to talk to.

Anonymous asked - "have you ever done a good deed that changed someone's life?"

Someone opened up to me about her problems,
And surprisingly,
She took my advice into consideration.
(Despite my lack of experience of course)

Shes now living a happy life with her new born baby and her boyfriend/husband. (:

So, to answer your question, yes I have.

P.s. If you’re reading this, how have you been?