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Hearing back from my old friends,
I gotta say,
College/university life,
Sure seems like a different world,
Or so what I think—
Based on their experience(s).

I can already imagine whats it gonna be like a few years from now.

I can only hope,
That maybe,
Just maybe,
Theyll stay as they are,
Or at least remain the good sides of them.

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Confession 094

I keep telling myself I’m over you but I’m not.

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30 day challenge

day 21: ten things you think about a lot

Him x10


-my feelings
-my love for food
-my curiosity of what “love” really is
-my life in general
-my past
-my future
-my friends
-my grandmother (nanay)
-my actions and
-my mistakes

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I kinda find it hysterical,
When I dream about someone,
And they’re completely different in real life.

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I miss a lot of things.

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Made with Paper

Reminiscing the past
And contemplating
I should do something about it
Just let it be.

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Effortlessly reminding myself,
That I should do better,
Care a little less,
And just be happy.

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Is fate determined by choice or chance?

I really need someone’s opinion on this.

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me: why are you doing this to me?

heart: not my problem.

my problem:

i take things way too seriously.

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