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Can u guess who’s who. Lololz #tbt #oldpic #thanksgivingday #someonelooksghetto #haha #lookatourhairs #imissphilippines

me and my sibs (: 
playing with my shadow Lolz. #bored #me
waiting for the 100 bus. lol
so my friend and I were at the mall… and boredom hit us. this was my challenge to her lol.
funny how my friend thinks I’m gonna turn “bad” because of one incident. lol. what is she thinking….
5am at church, an hr of sleep, and an empty stomach. I can’t wait to get home. Lol
At stephos with friends. #firsttime #lol #instagood
Because im bored. Lol

Day 198: a picture taken over 10 years ago.
I miss this place; I miss my home.
(late update)

that’s me right there haha (:
this is for the anon.
sry it took so long.
i just got my new laptop haha (:
Meet my friends (:
 From left to right: me, prim, @staaay-g0lden, sonia
say hi to my lolo (grandpa) (:
its been 3 days since the last time i saw him and i miss him already.
he laughs at everything i say/do haha.
i just love him to death.
thanks for coming to my grad daddy (: